2010 – Major Contracts Awarded

2010 was another productive year for Flow Control. After supplying 734 valves for the Jamnagar Project in India, we moved on to provide 92 BAC ball valves for the Hole House Expansion. Our year moved on to work on the Dewpoint Project and finally we worked with Hamworthy UK to provide ball valves for Borsig Boilers.

Please see below the full specification for major contracts awarded in 2010.

For Reliance Petrochemical a total of 734 valves from BAC Spain for their Jamnagar Project in India.

For Scottish Gas but engineered by Exterran UK a total of 92 BAC ball valves for the Hole House Expansion project in the U.K.

From Exterran Belleli Sharjah a total of 597 valves manufactured by BAC Spain for the Dewpoint Project (Dapetco).

218 BAC ball valves for Borsig Boilers engineered by Hamworthy UK.