Major projects awarded in 2014

Major projects awarded in 2015

2015 was another successful year for the Flow Control team. Not only did work with British Gas on the Lomond and North Everest Protects but we also supplied in excess of 355 valves for the ZADCO Upper Zakum Project in Abu Dhabi. Please read below to find out about the other exciting projects we worked on in 2015.

A total of 355 valves supplied on the ZADCO Upper Zakum EPC 2 Project.

For British Gas on the Lomond & North Everest Projects a large number of valves from OMB.

BAC manual and actuated ball valves for Sonatrach, Algeria on the Alrar Project.

Valve package for Sasol Project, South Africa.

Manual and actuated ball valves manufactured by BAC, Starline and SRI for the Likouala Congo Project.